An Interview with Cannulight

Introducing Cannulight to RedCrow’s Discover Platform! We sat down with James Stone, the inventor, founder, and CEO of Cannulight, to learn more about the company and its mission. In a few sentences, describe your company, product, and innovation.Cannulight is a small, sterile, single use, disposable medical device that aids peripheral intra venous cannulation/catheterization (PIVC). Cannulight gives an […]

Precision Medicine: Changing the Future of Autism

5 Questions with MARAbio Founder & Chief Science Advisor, Dr. Judy Van de Water Breakthroughs in the study of a sub-type of autism are powering a new area of precision-medicine to change the future of autism. MARAbio’s pioneering Founder & Chief Science Advisor shares her thoughts on what’s at stake and what’s in store. Guest […]

Immobilization for Fracture Care with Casting

A market ripe for digital disruption in the 21st century Guest Post by Diana Hall, President and CEO of ActivArmor Fracture care has revolved around one solution for thousands of years: an application by wrapping wet material, like cotton, with plaster or fiberglass that hardens while drying – called “casting.” Throughout history, there have been […]

The Hidden Health Dangers of Unmanaged Sleep Apnea

Guest Post by Michael G. Nathans, CEO and Co-Founder at WhisperSom Corporation Researchers have found that diabetes and ADHD in children as well as heart attacks, strokes, and Alzheimer’s Disease in adults are linked to unmanaged sleep apnea. Why? Because regular breathing while asleep is as important as having a regular heartbeat—and sleep apnea disrupts a person’s […]

The Cumulative Effects of Multiple Concussions and Why Early Detection is Critical

Guest Post by Andrew Dahl of NOXBOX Concussions are a mild to moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI) that can have serious long-term effects on the brain. The effects of a concussion can range from mild to severe and can last for days, weeks, or even months. Unfortunately, concussions are often difficult to diagnose. Delayed concussion […]

Innovating Pulmonary Treatments for Preemies

Funded by multiple grants, alum Russ Lehrman (PhD ‘81) is developing a new therapeutic to revolutionize pulmonary care, starting with preterm infants Guest Post By Brianna Foth Respiratory disease and related complications are a leading cause of illness and death in the United States, collectively costing the health system more than $170 billion annually. Respiratory disease […]

Concussions – What are They and How to Test for a Concussion

Written by Andrew Dahl, CEO of NOXBOX Concussions are a serious problem in the U.S., but they’re not well understood by the general public. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 7.8 million concussions occur annually in the United States alone, but it’s likely another 7.8 million go unreported. This is a conservative […]

Sleep Apnea Treatment Innovations

Patients often give up on conventional treatments for sleep apnea because they might make it difficult to sleep. With so many patients not getting the results they need from conventional treatments, there is a need for new sleep apnea solutions. Look at conventional treatments and innovative solutions that could make a difference for many patients.

Wheelchair Transfer Systems: Imagining Better Technologies

Transferring from a bed to a wheelchair can be physically taxing for both the individual and the caregiver. But what if there was a newer transfer assistive system that could help people get from their beds to their wheelchairs and vice versa without the help of a caregiver?

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