An Interview with Cannulight

Introducing Cannulight to RedCrow’s Discover Platform! We sat down with James Stone, the inventor, founder, and CEO of Cannulight, to learn more about the company and its mission.

In a few sentences, describe your company, product, and innovation.
Cannulight is a small, sterile, single use, disposable medical device that aids peripheral intra venous cannulation/catheterization (PIVC). Cannulight gives an unambiguous binary signal (i.e. a green LED lights up) when the PIVC needle is in the vein. When the needle of the PIVC enters the vein the Cannulight LEd lights up green, indicating that it is in the correct position. If the needle exits the vein, the Cannulight turns off. The clinician can then reposition the needle

What is a recent milestone the company has achieved?
Cannulight Technology’s FDA pre-submission documentation for 510(k) clearance was accepted for review by the FDA on May 20th.

Is there a team member or advisor you’d like to spotlight?
We are a small team at present but have engaged the expertise we’ve needed to rapidly progress. This is mainly due to our COO Mike Munley’s global medtech experience couple with his international network. This includes RedCrow as Mike met the founders some time back at a US conference. Through Mike’s connections in Washington DC Cannulight Technology was invited to pitch to the US Marine Corps early in the products development. Resulting in the USMC applying for funding recently to test the device for US Military use.

Was there an “ah-ha” or personal moment that led to the founding of the company?
As a dentist specializing in treating anxious patients under IV sedation, a failure to catheterize meant procedures were canceled and patients sent home, agitated, and unlikely to return. After searching in vain for a solution, I resolved to try to develop one myself, resulting ultimately in my invention of Cannulight and the founding of Cannulight Technology.

RedCrow’s mission is to challenge the status quo in the name of better healthcare results. How does your mission reflect this?
Cannulight Technology’s vision is for Cannulight devices to become the indispensable aids to every peripheral intra venous cannulation/catheterization (PIVC), and to improve patient and clinician outcomes and experiences in all situations. PIVC is the most performed invasive procedure in the world at over 1billion pa. However a failure rate of 35-70% means many patients, especially children, the elderly and the obese suffer injury and stress as a result. We believe Cannulight will improve outcomes for these patients and the clinicians who treat them.

How is your company keeping up with or participating in the changing landscape of healthcare?
Cannulight Technology is a simple device that can be safely disposed of in medical sharps waste. By reducing PIVC failures, sharps waste will likely decrease overall. The device can also enables less experienced clinicians to perform PIVC with confidence, so it is likely to be adopted for in-home treatments, empowering patients and caregivers.

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