Surgical Technology Innovations to Watch

Where would we be without advances in surgical technology? For most people, it is hard to imagine a world without modern surgical tech. 

The field of surg tech is currently experiencing an amazing period of advancement. New technologies are in development, and we hear about incredible breakthroughs. Surgeries are getting more accessible, and doctors can now perform them with greater success.

What are some of the innovations making a difference in the lives of patients and surgeons? Read on to learn about some of the latest innovations in surgical technology.

Smart Glasses for Surgeons

Smart glasses were first released as a consumer technology about ten years ago. Currently, several surg tech companies are developing smart glasses for surgical settings. With these smart glasses, you have a computer that connects with a head-mounted display in the form of glasses. The idea is to use a mixed or augmented reality format to assist surgeons.

One way this could work is to provide a visual aid to the surgeon. For example, the glasses could overlay visuals of veins and other anatomical structures to help the surgeon avoid them. In some cases, it might be possible for surgeons to get real-time imaging to guide their work. The glasses could also work as a heads-up display to provide vital information to the surgeon.

Remote Robotics

What happens when no surgeon in the area performs a specific type of procedure? Either the individual does not get the help they need or must travel long distances to get the procedure. With advances in innovative surgical technologies, this could change. Instead of needing to be in the same building to perform the procedure, this could allow a surgeon to work on someone from across the world.

If you think it sounds far-fetched, you need to realize there are already surgical robots. The first iteration of the Da Vinci Surgical System is already over 20 years old. Advances in surgical technology make it possible for surgeons to operate remotely using more advanced robotic systems. It might still be in its infancy, but remote robots will become a more common feature of surgical care.

Robotic Visualization Devices

Another interesting development is coming from the company Platform Imaging. They are developing the Visibot system – a miniature visualization device that is fully insertable for laparoscopic surgery. With this device, surgery can be less invasive and provide better visual capabilities to surgeons. This surgical technology will also mean less OR time for a more efficient facility.

The Visibot is an insertable camera module for laparoscopic surgery. Since it is small and fully insertable, it can reduce the need for additional incisions. Along with that, it has automated control and tool tracking. That means it can automatically pan and tilt as needed. With this system, surgeons should be able to perform procedures in less time, with fewer incisions and with a lower risk for infection.

These are just a few of the innovative surgical technologies in development today. As they come to market, they will change how procedures are performed. For many, these developments will open new possibilities and improve outcomes.

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