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Invest in Healthcare Startups

Investment Selection Process

RedCrow has developed a carefully selected network of Strategic Sourcing Partners. Each individual partner has a credible reputation, and a proven track record for successful deal selection. Companies introduced through a strategic partner will be immediately offered for investment upon approval by the RedCrow Investment Committee.

Companies submitted to RedCrow through the Discover Supernovas process will be offered for preview in Discovery while undergoing screening and review by the RedCrow Investment Committee. The Discover Supernovas platform allows emerging companies to gain immediate exposure, and further offers the RedCrow crowd a chance to weigh in regarding the investment selection process. Companies will move from Discovery to the investment platform based on the outcome of the full Discovery process.

Expert Selection with Industry Specific Expertise

In the identification and selection of an industry advisor, we seek individuals with depth of knowledge and breadth of experience within their profession. Our industry advisors have principal involvement in a myriad of industry specific projects, companies and/or research, and have successfully demonstrated the capability of effectively assessing the viability of a startup company, and/or have the requisite education, experience and knowledge to assist us in evaluating companies for listing on this Site.  The collective knowledge and expertise of our advisors allows us to better assess a company’s potential for success and/or specific potential hurdles to success. Occasionally, our industry experts may offer assistance (consultation) to companies during their developmental process, but at the very least will provide our Investment Committee added confidence in the science, systems and claims presented.

Investment Offering Focus

RedCrow offers Title 2 deals which are restricted to investors who satisfy the definition of an Accredited Investor. Investment minimums are generally >/= $5,000. Equity shares will be owned outright by the individual investor unless purchased through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) fund.

What Makes RedCrow Different?

The smartest person in the CROWD is the CROWD, and the crowd’s greatest strength is the CROWD itself.

Our team is a collection of former financial advisors, wealth managers, entrepreneurs, and investors. We are ourselves experts who value the expertise of others. We recognize the power of collective knowledge and experience, and we have designed RedCrow to harness that power for the benefit of ALL investors.

What Is a Themed Investment Community?

A themed investment community is comprised of new and experienced investors, successful entrepreneurs and industry experts - collectively reviewing, selecting and monitoring early stage investments within a narrowly defined investment theme. Themed communities leverage the wisdom of the collective crowd, alongside the insights of industry experts, and effectively serve to fuel more confident investment decisions.

How Does the Investment Process Work?

  1. Register on the RedCrow site
  2. Declare Accredited/Non-Accredited Status
  3. Review Investment Offerings
  4. Conduct your own due diligence, either alone or with your own financial advisor, to determine whether the investment is suitable for you.
  5. Select an Investment Opportunity and Click the INVEST button to begin the Investment Process
  6. Submit Personal Information to Facilitate Investment
  7. Fund Your Account
  8. Monitor Your Investments in My Portfolio on the RedCrow Site

RedCrow will offer direct access to the issuer upon request.

How Does the Discover Supernovas Process Work?

  1. Register on the RedCrow Site
  2. Review Discovery Opportunities
  3. Ask Questions and Offer Feedback
  4. Rate the Offering

All companies offered for investment on the RedCrow platform must satisfy the due diligence process overseen by the RedCrow Investment Committee. However, the opinions registered by the crowd via the Discover Supernovas platform will be reviewed by the Investment Committee.

Are You RedCrow Ready?

Discover Supernovas

Preview emerging companies before their offering is listed on our investment platform. Add your voice to the wisdom of the crowd.

Explore Investments

Seize the opportunity and make an impact.

Submit Company

Interested in feedback and investment from industry experts, potential investors and customers? Submit your company to be showcased.

Site Disclaimer

By using this website (the “Site”), you are subject to our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. Please read these carefully before proceeding.

The Discovery page offers users the opportunity to preview early-stage companies, which may be under consideration for fundraising on the RedCrow INVEST platform. These companies are not currently raising capital on our Site, and we may not have performed any due diligence or verified that the information they’ve posted is accurate.

Companies actively raising money on our Site are listed on the INVEST platform. Securities are offered through JumpStart Securities, LLC, a registered broker/dealer and FINRA/SIPC member.

RedCrow is not an investment adviser. Listings on the RedCrow site do not imply a recommendation or endorsement by RedCrow.