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I have always had a passion for advancing technology, solving problems, and improving healthcare. When I became aware of RedCrow and its equity niche-funded approach to connect entrepreneurs pursuing innovative medical technology with investors interested in becoming engaged financially and emotionally with such opportunities, I became an instant enthusiast and asked what I could do to get involved and leverage my experience.

From my days at GE, first in the Global Research Center, and later at GE Medical Systems, I developed new technologies to advance medical, dental and veterinary X-ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound. I then joined smaller, more nimble companies to push technology faster and farther in digital angiography, cardiology and radiology, as well as advanced patient monitors, sensors and bio-fluorescence tagging and imaging.

In order to get closer to customers, I moved into Business Development and created roadmaps for medical technology products to meet customer needs. I headed a start-up which was introducing advanced CMOS image sensors and went through the drill of raising three rounds of capital and subsequently sold the business to Panavision.

There has never been a more opportune time to start a medical technology/healthcare company! Recent advances in sensors, gene therapy, smart phone apps, cloud storage, regenerative medicine, affordable processing horsepower, machine learning, big data, wearables, molecular imaging devices, and networking/connectivity are astounding.

With an aging population and an increased focus on consumer-centric healthcare, outcomes, and efficiency/cost, the potential for an early stage medical/healthcare/biotech company to make a difference in people’s lives and be financially successful is unprecedented.

However, it is extremely difficult in today’s economic environment for promising early stage companies to raise the necessary capital to move forward. Meanwhile, members of RedCrow’s “crowd” of medically-savvy professionals are interested in investing in promising medtech start-ups, using their expertise to help these companies prosper.

I am thrilled to be part of RedCrow and work with a team of talented individuals who are all as passionate as I am about helping companies bring products that benefit society to market. My role at RedCrow is to find emerging medtech companies, assist the Red Crow team in evaluating them for potential listing on our platform, and help them succeed – in RedCrow lingo, discovering and exploring supernovas! How can we connect you with our “crowd” of experts, help you get off the ground and reach the stars?

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