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Managing Director

Working at a startup like RedCrow is a lot like working in the operating room. Everyone on the team has expertise, but also has to wear many hats in order to get the job done. There are periods of calm and periods of crisis and the best outcomes occur when the team functions well together.

My youth was most influenced by my time in the Boy Scouts (yes, I’m an Eagle Scout) and comic books. In both I developed a sense of right and wrong as well as a profound desire to help people. Cue the nerd jokes…

I have had the privilege of being a physician for the past 25 years. Caring for people, helping them through difficult times, has been a true honor.

I always say that, as an anesthesiologist, I aspire to have a boring day. Difficult days mean difficult challenges in the operating room and risks to someone’s well being. I know those times will happen, and am prepared to manage the problems that arise, but everything is structured to deliver an easy journey for my patients.

My involvement in the early-stage healthcare investing space provides me with the opportunity to help people at a scale orders of magnitude greater than what I have done in the operating room. Even if only a fraction of the companies I support are successful, my efforts will have contributed to helping many people live better lives. That possibility is what drives me most.

I love speaking with healthcare entrepreneurs and hearing about their solutions to the problems we encounter in the practice of medicine. The creativity, intelligence, and drive of this community is both inspiring and enviable to me.

Investors shy away from the early-stage healthcare space because they lack the ability to understand the value that many of the startups I see can create. We’ve married a network of healthcare professionals with a multi-layered, data-driven model in order to evaluate and validate companies. The data created from these processes are used to educate entrepreneurs and inform potential investors

I’m not comfortable with the idea that people are beyond help with their medical problems, so I love seeing entrepreneurs solve “unsolvable” problems. Sometimes science needs to catch up with our imaginations.

I want to say that everything I do, I do for my family, but that would only be mostly true. I’m also long game competitive and want to solve big problems. RedCrow gives me the platform to achieve those goals as a clinician, scientist, educator, and investor.

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