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Expertise in Rehabilitation Medicine, Chronic Illness Management, Population Health, International Health, and Innovation/Deep Technology in Medicine

Growing up in Vietnam, Dr. Thai always dreamt of a big and bright future. When the Vietnam War was ending, she suddenly found herself in the United States, learning and adapting to a new language and culture. A few years later, her childhood dream of becoming a physician became true: becoming a Doctor. She graduated from the University of California, Davis, School of Medicine, and then specialized in chronic illness management. In addition to her medical practice, she was named the Medical Director for the Rehabilitation department at St. Jude Medical Center and also the Medical Director for Rehabilitation at Kindred Hospital in Brea. She successfully started several businesses in clinical radiology and outpatient rehabilitation.

But her dreams to help others did not stop there. Dr. Thai believed that innovative applications of new technology are critical to improving medical care. She realized her unique combination of entrepreneurial and medical skills could be used to achieve this future. Dr. Thai then launched Koazie, a venture-backed, web-based platform designed to help patients and families make informed decisions after hospitalization. The McKinsey consulting group recently named Koazie as one of the three most promising start-ups incubated at the Innovation Institute of St Joseph Health.

Her background from Asia and her extensive medical and business contacts in the United States, Singapore, and Vietnam gave her opportunities to bring new entrepreneurial ideas to a global market. As a result of this interest, she currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer (Asia) of Printerprezz, tasked to open a new branch in Asia of the world’s first medical 3D printing manufacturing company. Dr. Thai has also worked with others to develop several new companies in the fields of artificial intelligence in radiology, tele-rehabilitation, and remote patient monitoring.

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