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VP Investor Relations

I’ve always loved working with entrepreneurs. From the beginning of my career as a commercial lender to, years later, spearheading deals for a middle-market Mergers & Acquisitions firm, my favorite part of my job has always been interacting with and helping business owners grow their businesses, solve problems and achieve their goals. I’ve learned about industry niches I didn’t even know existed and I have been continually impressed with the passion and tenacity with which entrepreneurs pursue their visions and dreams.

Raised by a father who was in the military and a mother who is an immigrant from Japan shaped who I am today. They instilled in my brother and me, by example, the values of honesty, perseverance, kindness and the belief that anything is achievable through hard work. When my father passed away when I was 15, the three of us constantly leaned on those values and It was those core values that got us through that difficult time.

One of the many things that excites me about joining RedCrow is giving entrepreneurs a professional platform to showcase their innovations to a multitude of investors who are seeking an idea that speaks to them. During my career in M&A, I’ve worked with a multitude of companies and investors across the U.S. and have found that the best matches occur when a deal is not only based on financial metrics and facts on paper, but a shared vision and rapport between the two parties.

When I’m not at RedCrow, I’m probably either hiking somewhere on Mt Tam with our 14-year-old dog or on the sidelines of one of our children’s many sporting events. In the fall, you may find me in front of the TV cheering on the Seattle Seahawks (I grew up in Seattle). As they (well, I) say, you can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the sports teams out of the girl!

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