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Senior Vice President

Being exposed to blue chip CEOs at a young age I've seen that journey from point A to point B up close. Most people only get to see point B when those leaders are at the top of their craft. However, there is a lot that goes on between point A and B. We want to be part of that line from point A to point B.

Growing up the son of a successful mechanic I was taught that it does not matter what you do for a living, but strive to be the best at your craft and that a solid work ethic transcends the profession.

When I left Morgan Stanley my eyes were opened up to an investment world that is now being supported by the Jobs Act of 2012. Equity crowdfunding is that new world and by following my intuition to leave Wall Street, I am now riding the wave of my life.

Coming from a football family you know what it really means when they say it's not about how hard you get hit, but how hard you get hit and then get back up. There is no better analogy between sports and life than that.

Much like great quarterbacks, successful CEOs understand that you are only as good as the team that surrounds you.

What I am looking forward to most about RedCrow is experiencing this new journey of investing with the RedCrow team and the many investors and entrepreneurs we meet along the way.

The opportunity to be part of the democratization of investing is very exciting, and for RedCrow to be able to play a role with our investing verticals we would be delighted to have a seat at the table.

My favorite part about starting a new company is being part of a new team and sharing experiences and absorbing as much as I can learn from others who share the same vision and who are making similar sacrifices for the greater good.

I enjoy spending my down time putting on my headphones, specifically on a Friday and listening to the new music released on iTunes. Music moves me and sometimes you just hear that song that has the "it" factor. Finding new music to play over and over again in my car excites me.

They say everything you want is on the other side of fear. I believe that once we are able to get out of our own heads, we can truly accomplish what we ultimately want.

What I learned working for product titans Reebok, New Balance, and Abbott Labs is that as great as your marketing campaign may be, to truly earn the trust of your customers, your product or service has to be the first priority as a great marketing campaign and average product is the fastest way to lose your customers.

How I see family... blessed to have one and after experiencing loss early on, there is not a day that goes by when I don't look at my children and realize what it's all about. Without the bitter the sweet isn't as sweet.

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