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Advisor, Product and Technology

What excites me about RedCrow is that we are helping companies who are trying to make a social impact get the funding they need. I get to talk to amazing CEOs and learn about cutting edge healthcare products and technologies.

I'm a data geek at heart. Any decision is always better with data to support your position but know the source and recognize that you will never have perfect information. In the end, your experience and gut will guide you.

Small companies and startups are dynamic and exciting. I have intentionally sought out and worked for various startups and even co-founded my own. I like the risk, speed of execution, and potential upside that a startup brings. This has given me the opportunity to explore new roles and build my skill set in ways larger companies rarely offer.

I like to think of myself as a market research maverick. I spent the last 15 years using technology to disrupt internet and mobile measurement at various startups in the SF bay area.

As a co-founder of a startup I know the challenges of fundraising. I empathize with our clients and understand the sacrifices of time, family, and savings required to make it work. Now I'm in a position to help great ideas and companies succeed.

I studied Business and Marketing in school. I was drawn to Product Management early on for the breadth of the role and the impact you can make on a company.

Innovation rarely happens in planned brainstorming sessions with structure and process. I once worked for a large company that tried to use business process improvement methodologies to brainstorm and create an innovative solution to a problem. You can guess the outcome.

I think I thread the line between right and left brain thinking. I like connecting the dots and often find myself piecing things together that are not obviously related.

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