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As an investment advisor, I've always been a fierce advocate of my clients' best interest. The RedCrow team shares a collective investor centric perspective. As a result, RedCrow is literally BUILT TO DRIVE INVESTOR CONFIDENCE, and that drives every decision we make – every day. I’m proud of that.

RedCrow is a collaborative investment community where every voice offers valuable insight to the selection and investment process. EVERY voice. That introduces a number of unique challenges, but it's also incredibly exciting because it simultaneously introduces compelling benefits for all involved.

RISK is a fundamental characteristic of investment. The goal is not to eliminate risk – that's simply not an option. But understanding and navigating the risk undeniably leads to more confident and more successful decision making.

It's so important to choose wisely when selecting advisors, mentors and partners. It's also important to trust your own knowledge, experience and intellect. That's the very essence of the RedCrow model – – – a dynamic, engaged community of investors and industry experts – – – all working in a collaborative fashion to select and oversee early stage investment opportunities.

There is nothing more exciting or rewarding than finding, funding and facilitating the success of bright people with compelling new ideas. Except, maybe, sharing that experience with others.

Every day at RedCrow is a humbling experience. We are surrounded by the best and the brightest, and we have been granted the privilege of serving as their strategic partner. Their success is our success. And our success is YOUR success.

Be relentless. But don't be stubborn.

Listen. Think. Respond. In that order.

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