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John Engle, MBA

Business Advisor and Financial Analyst

John Engle is an investment and consulting professional. Currently, he serves as president of Almington Capital Merchant Bankers, a family-office investment firm based in Illinois. John is also a principal with the Cannabis Capital Group, a medical cannabis consulting and investment startup, as well as strategy director of IntraLink Global, a Chicago-based branding and strategic consulting firm.

Through Almington and individually, John backs and supports startups that aim to transform the way people invest and engage with financial markets, whether it be through equity crowdfunding or on-the-spot micro-loans. He also has a deep interest in the healthcare sector, shifting Almington’s public equities vertical heavily into the small-cap biotech sector in recent years.

An avid believer in both the power of crowdfunding to revolutionize startup investing, and the incredible value opportunities presented by early-stage medtech and healthcare firms, John is committed to helping bring about the democratization of venture capital one sector at a time.

John received an MA degree from Trinity College Dublin, a BA from the University of Oxford, and an MBA from Oxford’s Saïd Business School.

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